We're going to go out on a limb.

You're a leader of an industry association. Or maybe you run a major annual conference. But you might head up an alumni association for a university.  Then again maybe you're the director of a non-profit with lots and lots of volunteers. 

Your organization has immense potential. It has a vision that will make a (really) big difference in the world, in your industry, for your cause, or your peoples’ lives. Achieving it means executing on a mission that requires a lot of people—attendees, members, donors, customers, and/or sponsors—to connect, interact, learn, and take action. 

You’ve deployed tools, created content, hosted activities that take a lot of time, money and people. Too much in fact, you believe. Despite this investment, you’re not getting the traction you know is required to generate the momentum to move forward, to make the difference—to achieve the vision.


A few questions for you.

  • Is getting your message through the noise of the outside world nearly impossible because you can’t cut through the noise inside your organization?
  • Is member support not translating into member engagement, retention, and investment?  
  • Is the value of your content and activities and end in itself or is their real value the knowledge of the umpteen different and semi-disconnected software applications required to create and manage content and activities?
  • Do you pour nearly all your time, money and resources into an annual 3-day conference so you can get through the next 362 days to next year's 3-day conference?
  • Is harnessing the collective power of your members’ experiences, know-how, and energy your biggest obstacle to executing on your organization’s mission which is to harness the collective power of your members’ experiences, know-how, and energy?
  • Do you feel like your organization is a hamster wheel and you're the hamster?


We asked ourselves the same questions.

X362 is our answer.